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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Binton, Indonesia: Where I had my First Time

Somewhere in 1999
Binton, Indonesia, I spent only one night here. It was for my first time... No, it's not a one night stand or something :P It was my first time in the golf course. You almost got wrong, didn't you? I'd been practicing golf for a while and most of the time, I played with iron7 in the driving range so my dad asked whether I wanted to join his (golf beginning) group of friends. Yeah, why not. Most times, there were always bad shots hitting the ball on the real grass. Never thought that it was this hard. The beginner group could only go till hole9. My dad's group finished hole18 along with great view.

Well I did not remember any other things in Binton rather than my first-time golf course. Later, I went for other 2 golf courses which are in San Francisco and Thailand. Well, it didn't work out. Now, I gave up! I guess tennis would match me better.


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