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Thursday, July 06, 2006

KL, Malaysia

January 2006
KL, Malaysia, I'd never had any picture of Malaysia in my head before. I did not even know what language Malaysians usually use in their daily life. I did not know how their city looks. I went to *source (1) Kuala Lumpur for business and it was a short trip. Tell you truly, I did not remember that whole things where I visited in KL :P. If I knew I would write up this travel blog, I would have noted them and taken a lot more photos :P Sorry about that. Oh there was only one thing that I remember: Pitronas building :P Of course everybody knows that. Anyway, it was impressive looking through the window traveling by tour bus. KL was over my expectation. While riding around Golden Triangle, I was surprise. Really. I'd never imagined KL looke this western, modern, and being bustling metropolis. Golden Triangle is the commercial hub of the city where most of shopping malls, five-star hotels and trendy bars are. Golden Triangle also contains the famed *source (2) Petronas Twin Towers and has a hectic nightlife. I stayed in that area and went out with friend that night. Anyway, KL was not as busy as Bangkok even on Friday night.

The next day I went for sight seeing. *source (3) The National Monument was one of the spot that I guessed most of travelers must drop by. After that we went to have some photo shoots in fromt of the palace and back to the Golden Triangle again to the shopping mall which I also don't remember what it called. We just rided around that area at all time. I didn't have any chance to take the MY monorail. Well, I think MY should have many more attractions that I missed. Those are what I must find them out!

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*source (3)


ThyCountess said...

So what about Malaysia? Any good memories?

ggberry said...

Soon :)

Anonymous said...

Cool blog

ThyCountess said...

haa...well you shoud've visited the twin towers..yu can actually go for a walk on the connecting bridge and it's free..Let me know if you need to know anything about Malaysia


ggberry said...

Anything you want to write about Malaysia? Please feel free to do so. I am inviting you to be my blog writer for MY Travel recommendations :)

Please let me kknow :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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sofasurfer said...

hey, was in KL a few week ago don't remember much but what i remember wasn't so great.

you take very good pictures congratulation.


lesnapshots said...

Hi! came across your blog from travelexchange & also joined ggberry.. think you're doing great work! i'm from kl and have a couple of posts on malaysia and more to come :) ... also have visited thailand twice but that was before i started blogging - plan to visit again soon.

Victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

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