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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

London, UK: I Miss You Dearly

August, 2003
London, UK, My boyfriend (then) was sent for work in London office (HQ) for three months. It was in the time of war between USA and Iraq. I tried to convince him very much not to go; the reason was not because of the fear of war effect, but the fear of being without him spending time together on weekend :P I know I was silly. Eventually, I had to let him go. It’s actually worth waiting for. We both wait until he finished his work, then I went there and we traveled together. I remembered very well how happy I was on the day I was flying there.

For some of you, I think you can imagine how much I missed him. I knew he also did. Three months for me was like forever. We arranged our times to chat everyday. He planned so well where he would take me to. Moreover, he reserved a restaurant for us even before I arrived there. How lovely he was! (Well, now, not so sure about that :P). I arrived Heathrow Airport in an early morning. Right first moment he saw me walking into the arrival hall, he headed to me and hug me so tight. Wow! he had never done that to me before. Though I was being hurt by him, it was very delighted :P He came with very wringle shirt and trousers. I guessed he did never iron the clothes while he was being there.
This picture of bigben and house of parliament showing above; I took it on the first night I arrived London. It's right behind my husband's apartment.

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