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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Discover Switzerland (Lake Geneva Region)

June 23rd - 30th, 2007
Lake Geneva Region, Switzerland
- This trip was not so laid back. I tag along my hubby to Geneva. I traveled around along the lake all over main cities in the region by myself almost the whole trip (hubby had to work so, couldn't help it). That should be 'why' I led this topic with 'discover'. Overall, it was a great trip!

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I created the other version of "Discover Switzerland" blog - by Mac. The content was organized and described in different areas of my visit. You will have an idea how those places impressed me. Hope you enjoy the blog and its photos. Here are the lists of the cities where I visited along Lake Geneva: Geneva-Lausanne-Montreux-Vevey-Chillon-Château-d'Oex-Gstaad.

Old Town Bern, World Heritage - full with culture and entertainment.
The day was ending, live starts. Bern was the only city out of Lake Geneva Region that we visited. Bern is Switzerland Capital.


What I found the most regret for this trip was we did not spend more time and stay over at Château-d’Oex. I must be back in Château-d’Oex no matter in summer or winter as soon as I can. 30th International Ballon Festival, Château-d'Oex (Switzerland)

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geneva switzerland

A view from the GoldenPass Panoramic Train (Montreux-Zweisimmen) These ultra-modern trains are able to give the traveller the unique sensation of being totally at one with the grandeur of the unfolding landscape.

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Inside Château de chillon (Castle of Chillon), at the extraordinary stunning scenic location. Check out more castle photos.

Students from Vevey - cute and friendly. They all jumped actively to sit beside me and act to the camera. I should have had more time with them if their teacher was not there. Behind us is the Giant Fork, in front - Charlie Chaplin Statue (another notable people who chose Vevey to be their home). Vevey is the site of the world headquarters of Nestlé. Check out more photos of lovely Vevey.

Ahh, My favorite... Bündnerfleisch (Grisons)

For any of you who are planning for Lake Geneva Region trip, pls combine my 2 blogs and links of some local info provided for your guidance.

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