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Friday, December 28, 2007

"Sukhothai" - Beyond the World Heritage

Christmas 2007 - Jan 02nd, 2008
Sukhothai, Thailand - "Sukhothai", a small town in between the northern and the middle part of Thailand where two UNESCO World Heritages are located at; Sukhothai Historical Park and Sri Satchanalai Historical Park. "Sukhothai" is less mentioned by tourists in term of "Fun" - referred by hostel reviewed. Why is that?

*(1) The Sukhothai kingdom was an early kingdom in the area around the city Sukhothai, in north central Thailand. It existed from 1238 till 1438. The old capital, now 12 km outside of New Sukhothai in Tambon Muang Kao, is in ruins and is a Historical Park.

*(2) Sukhothai was the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam in the 13th and 14th centuries. It has a number of fine monuments, illustrating the beginnings of Thai architecture. The great civilization which evolved in the Kingdom of Sukhothai absorbed numerous influences and ancient local traditions; the rapid assimilation of all these elements forged what is known as the 'Sukhothai style'.

*Source (1):
*Source (2):

Sukhothai is considered too peaceful to whoever looks for activities. It seems nothing to do during day time unless you do not go to the parks. However, there are numbers of tourists (especially who are into history, arts, peace, and local culture) and photographers appreciate Sukhothai in its own way (count on me too). I have several simple recommendations for whomever reluctantly considering to plan a trip to Sukhothai.

> Plan your trip for couple days only
> Stay in New Sukhothai (12 km from Sukhothai Historical Park)
> "Cocoon" or "Lotus Village" Guest house are good choices
> Take a bike (must) in Sukhothai Historical Park (evening)
> Take photos of beautiful sunset in Sukhothai Historical Park
> Wake up early to walk around the fresh market in New Sukhothai
> Drink traditional coffee (near fresh market, the shop called "Ta-Noi")
> Have (must) Sukhothai noodle
> Have Sukhothai style Pad-thai
> Have dinner at Sukhothai Night Market (To-Rung)
> Drink beer, chat stupid things at "Fueng Far" Sukhothai food restaurant

Sukhothai's motto is "Dawn of Happiness", it is the the happiest era out of all eras of the Kingdom of Thailand. What you could notice should be the arts and architecture of Sukhothai Buddha and temples comparing with Ayutthaya. Those expressed pleasures.

I picnic with family in the park and took this shot at night

"Ta-Noi" coffee shop, the shop has been running for 40+ years. They sell Thai traditional coffee, tea, and other easy-to-find-drinks. The special thing is the way they made coffee and tea. Taste is also good.

"I Call This Favorite"

(New column aiming to get GGBerry blog visitors explored the destination in different views from different great photographers. Click on the photographer's name to see their great works - images are permitted to utilize by photographers)

"It really was a special moment in Sukhothai, I'm happy it translates through the picture ;-)" - Rene

[above image] Photographer: Rene Johansen, Hawaii, - Tour in Europe, Hawaii, and Thailand

"This is one of my favorite shots in Thailand" - Tristan

[above image] Photographer: Tristan, San Francisco

[above image] Photographer: Manolinlao, Barcelona - Spain,

Testimonial: "A very talented and creative photographer with a lot of ideas in his mind and he is a very helpful person and willingness to share his thought. ~ from true admirer of his work!" - MinofCorp

Sukhothai Hotels & Guest Houses

> Ananda Museum Gallery Hotel - In town, but cannot walk
> Tharaburi Resort
> Sukhothai Guest House- In town
> Lotus Village - In towm, recommended
> Ruean Thai Hotel Sukhothai - In town, recommended
> Sukhothai Resort

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